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The Lenox Lounge Will Return, Just Two Blocks Away

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Bess Adler

Looks like the historic Harlem jazz club the Lenox Lounge isn't done quite yet. While the original location shuttered on New Year's Eve, owner Alvin Reed?who was able to retain the rights to the name and neon lettering?inked a deal that very same day on a space at 333 Lenox Ave., just two blocks away. Jeremiah Moss catches a press release announcing the news, noting that Reed will revive the legendary Zebra Room in the two floor space, which has an option for a third floor.

The Daily News adds that Reed hopes to be open the new Lenox Lounge this summer. At which point it should provide some stiff competition for Richie Notar's jazz club taking over the original Lenox space.
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Lenox Lounge 2.0

333 Lenox Ave., New York, NY