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Fun-Loving Whale Posts $47,000 Nello Receipt on Yelp

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Most Yelp pages are full of bad food porn and blurry dining room photos. The page for Upper East Side Whale watching spot Nello is full of receipts from customers that dropped some major coin at the restaurant.

One check shows that back in October of 2008, a six-top spent $47,221 one evening. $785 of that tab came from truffle dishes (tagliolini and "truffle carpaccio"). These fun-loving Whales also ordered $35,000 of wine, including two magnums of Cristal rosé, three bottles of La Tache Romanee, and two bottles of Petrus.

Another customer uploaded the receipt from a $663 dinner for three with the message "NELLO SCAM." And in case you're wondering what people are saying about the restaurant these days, here's a review from earlier this month:

I simply can't understand how a restaurant like this, where SCAMS and FRAUDS happen in a disturbing pace. My first review was several years ago and, since then, it appears that nothing have changed.

More interesting is that a bunch of new rich tourists believes is a top notch to pay ridiculous amounts to eat - and being fooled - in a decadent place.

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696 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065 212-980-9099


696 Madison Ave., New York, NY