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Beloved Cocktail Den Milk & Honey Now Open in New 23rd Street Space

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Milk & Honey
30 East 23rd St., Flatiron
No phone
Status: Certified Open

Milk & Honey — the bar that cocktail dorks love with a pure and burning passion — has reopened in a new space on East 23rd Street. The room has a small bar with six seats, plus several booths. The menu includes all the classic drinks that were served at the old location, and of course, you can still order bespoke cocktails, although you can also do that at a lot of places these days. Sometime soon, Milk & Honey will start offering sandwiches and bistro fare.

Sasha Petraske decided to ditch the private reservation line in favor of an email invite system. If you want to reserve a few seats at the bar, email at least one day in advance. Milk & Honey is also accepting a few walk-ins each night. The old space is going to reopen later this year as a new bar called Attaboy, with drinks by Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy.
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[Photo: TONY/Virginia Rollison]

Milk & Honey

30 East 23rd St., New York, NY