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Mendes and Brock at Louro; National Coffee Heatmap

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Louro by Krieger

WEST VILLAGE On February 4, Aldea's George Mendes and Sean Brock (of McCrady's in Charleston) will join David Santos at his new restaurant Louro for a special dinner. The meal will feature six courses, plus wine and cocktail pairings. The price is $150.00. [EaterWire]

COFFEEWIRE Eater National runs a map of the country's hottest coffee shops. Parlor Coffee, the Joe Pro Shop, and Sweetleaf represent NYC on the map. [Eater National]

WEST VILLAGE — This Sunday, The Lion will launch a brand new brunch menu from chef Jason Hall. Dishes will include a sausage and egg sandwich, chicken and waffles, frittatas, shrimp and grits, and raw bar items. [EaterWire]

LISTICLES —Complex just dropped a list of the city's best cocktails. The best part: GIFs of the bartenders doing their thing. [Complex]

The Lion

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