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Michael White Snatches Up Another Restaurant Space

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Michael White's restaurant group has leased the Soho space that once housed Fiamma, the restaurant where White first garnered acclaim many years ago. Rumors of the deal surfaced late last year, and today Flo Fab confirms the news. The Altamarea Group has not offered any details about what will fill this space. It could be a steakhouse, an all-crudo version of Marea, an all-rotisserie version of Osteria Morini (Rotisserie Morini), Nicoletta To-Go, Ai Fiori Burger, a Wisconsin-style taqueria — it's anyone's guess at this point. Later this year, White will open Ristorante Morini on the UES, and The Butterfly in Tribeca.

In other expansion news, Jason Hicks and Yves Jadot, the restaurateurs behind Jones Wood Foundry, will open a new project this summer in the space that previously housed the Williams College Club. Called The Williams, the restaurant will have a downstairs bar counterpart by the name of The Shakespeare Pub.
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New Michael White Project

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