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Here Is the Boat That Will Become The Water Table

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The Water Table is easily the most-anticipated floating restaurant/bar project of 2013. A few weeks ago, Eater learned that Kelli Farwell — a veteran of Gramercy Tavern, Rye, Dumont, and Craft — was planning a New England-Style tavern on a boat with a few friends. Now the people behind The Water Table send word that they have found their boat (pictured above). It's currently docked in St. Joseph, Michigan, but Farwell plans to bring it back to NYC in the coming weeks. The team is funding this project on IndieGoGo. So far they've raised two thirds of their goal, and there are only four days left on the campaign. Remember: Sometimes dreams do come true. And sometimes those dreams involve drinking cocktails and eating seafood on an old-timey boat.
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