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$26 Mushrooms Are the New $22 Carrots

Last year, The Nomad opened with a $22 plate of carrots as an entree. People complained about the price, but the critics and bloggers loved the dish. (Will Guidara and Daniel Humm also dropped the price to $20 after a few weeks in business.) And the carrot entree is still one of the best things to order at The Nomad. But can it compete with the $26 plate of mushrooms at Harold Dieterle's The Marrow?

So far, no blogger, Yelper, or critic has filed on this pricey plate of fancy fungi, but the early word on the rest of the food is generally very strong. And this entree is not just mushrooms on a plate — it comes with frisee and creamed kale, too. Have you tried this dish? Is it better than the $24 chicken? Is it four dollars better than The Nomad's carrots, when they were originally priced at $22? The Marrow-loving world needs to know.

Also of note: Gwynnett St. is serving a $22 plate of white bean tofu right now.
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