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Qi Thai Grill, Home to New York's Craziest Bathroom

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[Daniel Krieger]

Earlier this month, the owners of the Qi Thai restaurants opened a new outpost in Williamsburg dubbed Qi Thai Grill. The restaurant serves classic Thai dishes, as well as special items from Pichet Ong and Sripraphai Tipmanee.

Also of note: The bathroom has a display case with a bunch of dolls having sex in various positions.

[Daniel Krieger]

Here's the sink area, outside the stalls. It contains an old fashioned bathtub that guests can use to wash their hands, plus a display case full of dolls having sex.

Qi Thai by Eater NY

Qi Thai Grill
176 N. 9th Street, Williamsburg
Certified Open

Qi Thai Grill

176 N 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 302-1499 Visit Website