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Breakfast Tacos at BrisketTown; Amazake at Takashi

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WILLIAMSBURG ? Daniel Delaney's barbecue joint BrisketTown will start serving breakfast tacos this coming Saturday, with brisket and pulled pork taco options. Also starting this week, BrisketTown will be open seven days a week. [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE ? Anyone who eats at Takashi tonight or tomorrow night will get a free glass of the house amazake, a low alcohol, warm sake given away by Shinto temples for New Year's. [EaterWire]

TRIBECA ? A Tribeca Citizen reader notices that Peace & Love is closed for renovations, and according to a note on the door it will reopen in three months. [TC]

FLAVORTOWN ? Is Guy Fieri on the "front lines" of a "food revolution"? According to Guy Fieri, yes. The details of the revolution are a little unclear, but it includes things like farmers markets and organic food and, presumably, Fieri's frozen 'smores pizza. [Eater National]


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