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Hi Collar, Lafayette, Feast, and More Coming Soon

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Lafayette. [~ENY~]
Lafayette. [~ENY~]

1) Noho: Work is coming along inside Lafayette, Andrew Carmellini's forthcoming French project, though it's worth noting that the Chinatown Brasserie signage is still up at the location. [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: The owners of the ramen joint Rai Rai Ken are opening a coffee shop and bar called Hi Collar at 214 East 10th St. That's the original Rai Rai Ken space?it's since moved two doors down. Per the Local, Hi Collar will have Japanese-style coffee drinks and sandwiches during the day and small plates and drinks at night. It should open in about six weeks. [PLYWOOD]
3) Park Slope: Here's Park Slope brings word that a restaurant called Gather is due to open "by January 22." It'll be primarily a takeout place with prepared foods, in the former Uncle Moe's space on Seventh Avenue. Also: Just Salad has signage. [POST-PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: And here's a few more plywood updates in the EV. Per EV Grieve, there's an unnamed Japanese restaurant coming to 130 St Marks Place and a restaurant called Feast coming to 102 Third Ave. Also: the Wafels & Dinges brick-and-mortar should open this spring, hopefully in March or April. [PLYWOOD]


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