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Velvet Lounge Reopens; the Smash Mouth Cookbook

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WILLIAMSBURG ? The Velvet Lounge, the cigar lounge shut down last week for having an illegal living unit in the backyard, has reopened. Presumably that means that the sleep space?or at least whoever lived there?is gone. [EaterWire]

LOWER EAST SIDE ? Eastwood has yet to open, but the forthcoming bar has unveiled a new takeout space called Chip Shop. Until the owners go before CB3's SLA next month to make their case again for a full liquor license?their application was previously denied?the Chip Shop will be open for lunch and dinner until 8 p.m. daily. [TLD]

WEST CHELSEA ? There's a new 'wichcraft location now open at Chelsea Piers. This one has the same sandwich selections as the other locations, with a couple of additions: a grill menu with burgers and things, a kids menu for the little ones, and a Stonyfield yogurt bar. [EaterWire]

BOOK CLUB ? Eater National takes a look at the book Smash Mouth: Recipes From the Road, which kind of sounds like the go-to gift for the aging, 90s-nostalgic frat boy in your life. But with tailgating-centric recipes from iconic restaurants across the country, turns out it's actually pretty charming. At least, as charming as something by these guys can be. [Eater National]

Velvet Lounge

174 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

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