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Revamped Marquee Ready to Reopen Tonight

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After closing its doors last year for a major renovation, Marquee is finally ready to reopen tonight. The club originally opened almost a decade ago, helping spawn the nightclub boom along W. 27th Street and leading to the opening of two more Marquee outposts in Las Vegas and Australia. It even brought the club's owners Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss an annual speaking gig at Harvard Business School. But 27th Street became a no man's land in nightlife and the club itself had become stale, especially when compared to the brand spanking new Marquee outposts that had opened. So the owners decided to gut the club and try and re-energize the Marquee name in New York to match their recent successes.
A recent walkthrough the space revealed that the old Marquee has been completely gutted, with the ceiling heights throughout the club being raised and the old Philip Johnson designed staircase being removed to create a space that feels bigger than the original and looks like a mini version of Marquee Las Vegas compressed into a New York sized space. The old wall separating the top floor from the main room has been removed, re-creating a version of the Library rooms in the other Marquees and holding a series of tables staggered in a stadium seating like manner overlooking the main floor and with a prime view of the DJ and video and light system.

The main room has also lost the permanent horseshoe of banquettes that were the big sellers in the old club. On some nights there will be a few tables in that area, but those tables will be cleared out when Marquee has major DJs performing to create a dance floor capable of holding several hundred people. There are some other little touches too, like Mike D. designed Brooklyn wallpaper in one bathroom, and scratch and sniff wallpaper in another, as well as some artwork that has been salvaged from old New York clubs that veterans may recognize.

Marquee has also brought a version of its light and sound system from Las Vegas in an effort to create a unique show to New York. The club expects to have bigger EDM DJs on the weekends, where it will be selling entry for anywhere from $20 to $40 per night, along with its normal bottle service offerings for anywhere between 20 and 25 tables. The rest of the programming is still being finalized.

Is there enough room for another Strategic Club without cannabilizing their other 85 clubs? Will there be interest in going to the new Marquee? Will enough people be willing to pay a hefty cover charge to see DJs on a weekly basis to make the investment pay off? Only time will tell, and that time begins tonight.
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