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Baos for Book Sales; Australia Day at Sunburnt Cow

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EAST VILLAGE ? Tomorrow, the first 200 people who bring a preorder receipt for Eddie Huang's forthcoming memoir Fresh Off The Boat to his shop BaoHaus will get a free bao. [Twitter]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS ? Here's a gross thing: a Brooklyn Heights bagel shop was shut down by the DOH, with the word on the street suggesting that the closure was because a dead mouse was found in a bagel oven. [BHB]

EAST VILLAGE ? Australia Day exists, and it is Saturday, January 26. The Sunburnt Cow is having a party that day with Australian pop music, drinks specials, and costumes. Its sister establishment The Sunburnt Calf on the Upper West Side is running a special Australia Day menu, while the Brooklyn Sunburnt Calf is rolling out a new pho that day. [EaterWire]

PORTLANDIA WIRE ? Eater National has a preview clip of the next episode of Portlandia, in which teachers Malcolm (Fred Armisen) and Kris (Carrie Brownstein) go to Prasad Cafe, a local, raw vegan restaurant in Portland. The side effects of raw vegan bowls is, of course, massive flatulence, so this restaurant has a Fart Patio, which is like the Portland version of a cigarette smoking patio. The episode airs Friday. [Eater National]


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