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Wythe Hotel Will Soon Have a Noisy Neighbor, Output

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A monster club is slated to open in Williamsburg soon. It sits right next door to Andrew Tarlow's hip and wildly popular Wythe Hotel. Here are the specs:

· The name is "Output"
· 452 person-capacity main club
· A back room and rooftop area
· High-end "Funktion One" speakers
· Full bar
· Some type of dining component
· Techno and house music
· That name again is "Output"
The people behind Output are planning to build up the hype for this project by hosting a Bunker party on February 22. Will Output and the Wythe Hotel coexist on the same block, in perfect harmony? Or will the technoheads clash with the hipsters that frequent Reynard and The Ides? Only time will tell.
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[Photo: Brownstoner]


78 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY