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Are You a High Roller? Eater Wants to Talk

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Are you a banker that loves dining at four-star restaurants? Or a lawyer with a penchant for chef's counters and tasting menus? Do you have a taste for dry-aged steaks and single malts? Are you an omakase snob? Is the Minetta Tavern reservation line stored in your iPhone contacts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Eater wants to talk.

We're collecting stories about crazy expense account meals and epic high-roller feasts. If you've got a tale to tell about a ridiculous, over-the-top meal, we'd love to share it with the readers of Eater. Anonymity is guaranteed. Just send an email to with the subject line "High Roller Meal." We're also looking for big spenders that want to write weeklong dining diaries. If you want to participate in that, send an email with the subject line "High Roller Diary" to and tell us about some of the reservations you have lined up for this month.
[The door to the dining room at Per Se by Krieger]