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Cherry, Jonathan Morr's Plush Japanese Restaurant

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[Daniel Krieger]

Earlier this week, BondSt restaurateur Jonathan Morr opened Cherry, a French-influenced Japanese restaurant below the Dream Downtown hotel in Chelsea. If you can believe it, this is the same space that housed ambitious super-flop Romera. Andy Choi, a veteran of Le Cirque and Bouley, is the chef here. His menu includes sushi, tempura, and seafood "tacos," as well as fusion dishes like foie gras and short rib gyoza, and Sapporo-braised lamb shank. And if you want French food, Cherry also offers duck a l'orange and bouillabaisse.

There are a lot of items on this menu. Take a look:

Cherry Menu by Eater NY

Cherry by Eater NY

355 W. 16th St., Chelsea
Certified Open


308 Main street, , TX 77002 (713) 231-0709 Visit Website


355 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011 (212) 254-0350 Visit Website