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The Battle For the Lenox Lounge Rages On

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Bess Adler

Everyone seemed pretty happy after Lenox Lounge owner Alvin Reed was able to secure a new space just two blocks away from the iconic jazz club's original location to open a new lounge under the same name. Everyone except for the landlord at the old location, who is upset that Reed stripped the old club of everything that made it special, including the classic Art Deco furniture as well as the neon sign. Reed does own the Lenox Lounge naming rights and trademark, but his old landlord Ricky Edmonds says that these things were supposed to remain in the building even if the Lenox Lounge moved somewhere else. The original Lenox Lounge is currently being redone by Richie Notar, who says the dispute is really "between the two of them," and just looks forward to opening later this spring. Reed's Lenox Lounge will take longer.
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Lenox Lounge

288 Lenox Ave., New York, NY

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