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Mediterranean-Influenced Porsena Extra Bar Opens for Lunch and Dinner Today

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21 East 7th St,, East Village
Phone: 212-228-4923
Status: Opening today

This afternoon, chef Sara Jenkins will open Porsena Extra Bar, the next-door counterpart to her pasta house hit, Porsena. The menu here features Italian antipasti and several Mediterranean dishes like tomato bread with labne and zaatar, and a lamb tartare with parsley and lemon (take a look at some food porn here). To drink, the bar will serve wines from Italy, France, Spain, and Lebanon. The big news for people that work or live in the area is that Porsena Extra Bar will serve a full lunch menu with salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes (Porsena is only open for dinner).

Check out the lunch and dinner menus for Porsena Extra Bar below, and do send any early reports our way.

Opening Lunch Menu for Extra Bar

Pane e companatico
tomato rubbed grilled bread, labne, olive oil, zaatar 7
eggplant puree, spicy red pepper walnut puree, cucumber & labne, Sardinian flat bread 10
surryano ham, cantaloupe melon butter, cornichons, stecca 10
grilled "kimcheese", white American, aged cheddar, kim chee, mayo, pullman 8
egg salad and pickled herring, dark bread 8
salami, spicy fig jam, sweet butter, stecca 10
swiss chard & ricotta tart, greens, 8

roasted chicken salad, olive oil, pine nuts, sultanas, tarragon, chives 12
little gem, pickled herring, croutons, shaved grana padana 9
farro, arugula, tomato, cucumber, olive oil, red wine vinegar 8
fennel, radish, orange , red onion, parsley leaf, aleppo pepper 8
Italian olive packed tuna, fingerling potatoes, red onions, celery 8

Spaghettini aglio, olio, pepperoncino 10
Spaghettini al norcino, garlic sausage, fresh cows milk ricotta, black pepper 12
Cakes 5.
olive oil cake, walnut cake, cookies 3
short bread cookies, corn meal biscotti

Extra Bar evening menu
estate bottled mono cultivar Taggiasche extra virgin olive oil, bread 4
marinated olives, orange zest, fennel pollen, Sicilian dried chili 5
pinzimonio, seasonal vegetables, estate bottled extra virgin olive oil, Trapani sea salt 6
green and yellow zucchini, tomato, lemon vinaigrette, pecorino, herbs 8
lemon potatoes, caviar 14
oysters, lemon, Tabasco, fresh grated horseradish 14
yellowfin tuna puttanesca, raw tuna, spicy tomato, black olives, parsley, olive oil 16
escabeche, pickled mussels, croutons, house made giardiniera 8
Surryano ham, spicy greens 12
lamb tartare, fine burghul, parsley, preserved lemon, flat bread 14
mortadella mousse, sott'acetti, crostini 12
"Manteca", caciocavallo, podolica butter, warm bread 10
port wine cheese, horseradish cheddar, crostini 6
raw milk cheese, rhubarb relish, toast, 4/8/12

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21 East 7th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 Visit Website

Porsena Extra Bar

21 East 7th St., New York, NY