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Kewl: Guy's American Kitchen and Bar Opening SUNDAY

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Are you hungry New York? Good, because Guy Fieri is about to karate chop your taste buds with the opening of Guy's American Kitchen and Bar (AKA Flavor Town USA). The spiky one was on the Today Show this morning explaining how his monster Times Square restaurant came together:
I've got seven restaurant in Cali, and I've always wanted to come to New York. But if you're not a New Yorker, if you don't know someone or have connections on the inside, you should kind of have warning. So, I met this great guy from Heartland Brewery, he said, "Would you be interested in doing it?" Jon Bloostein. Here we go — 16,000 square feet, opens this weekend. Eater hears that the doors to Flavor Town will be kicked open on Sunday, to be exact. To tide you over, here are some shots of the restaurant's kewl video wall:

[The video wall, before it was installed in the restaurant; photos: Guy's American Kitchen and Bar]

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