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Eleven Madison Park Is a Profitable, Popular Restaurant

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Do you have an hour to spare? Then perhaps you might enjoy reading the monster profile of Eleven Madison Park in this week's New Yorker. Like the universe, it goes on forever.

The most interesting parts of the profile are the details about how chef Daniel Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara turned EMP into a money-maker, all while gaining heaps of accolades. Here are the juiciest bits:

· Even with three stars, EMP didn't make money in 2008, and it started losing money in 2009
· Humm and Guidara asked friends to come to EMP so that the dining room would look full when Bruni was there
· Since the Bruni review, the restaurant has been booked solid, every night
· The "grid" menu format helps the kitchen eliminate waste
· A former Goldman Sachs banker (and current billionaire) named Noam Gottesman came on as an investor so that Humm and Guidara could buy the restaurant from Danny Meyer
· The Nomad's food and labor costs were through the roof when they opened, but now Guidara says, "The NoMad will be real pro?table"
· Although the owners of EMP won't say how much money the restaurant makes, author John Colapinto estimates that it brings in "$1.3 million a year after taxes."

Apparently, now Humm and Guidara are focused on nabbing a higher ranking on the S. Pellegrino list. They're currently at number 10, but the new NYC History-based menu, which debuts this week, could be the thing that moves them to the top of the list.
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