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25 Big News Stories You May Have Missed on Vacation

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Today is the official start of the fall restaurant season in New York, and it's shaping up to be a good one. Although the summer is a notoriously slow time for restaurants, there were a few monster openings, power shifts, and shutters that happened between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Before we plunge into the fall, here's a look back at 25 big news stories you may have missed on vacation:

2012_nicoletta_opened_1234.jpg 1) Nicoletta Opened and Got Panned by All the Critics

12EMP_1will-guidara-daniel-humm-eater-interview-roof-nomad-thumb-thumb.jpeg2) Humm & Guidara Announced a Brand New Version of EMP

1232012_isa_born_again1-thumb.jpg3) IsaGate

2012_friedman_bloomfield_1234-thumb.jpeg 4) Friedman & Bloomfield Opened a Stealth Rooftop Taqueria

2012_roadhouse_bar_1234.jpg5) Dale Talde Opened a Bar Inspired by Roadhouse

125815834824_d5c81e5705_o-thumb.jpeg 6) The Seersucker Team Announced Plans for a Vietnamese Restaurant

1232012_gabe_stulman_12.jpg 7) Gabe Stulman Announced Plans for an Izakaya-Style Restaurant

2012_dieterle_marrow_123.jpg 8) Dieterle Moved The Marrow to Manhattan

2012_carmellini_chinatown_brass_1234.jpg 9) Chinatown Brasserie Closed and Carmellini Announced Plans for a French Restaurant in That Space

2012_seamus_pop-up123.jpg 10) Seamus Mullen Opened a Pop-Up at The Standard Hotel

2012_09_demi_monde_1234.jpg 11) Demi Monde Opened, Lost Its Chef, and Didn't Pay Any Rent

1232012_donovans_pub_123-thumb.jpg 12) Donovan's Pub Went on the Market

1232012_waverly_inn_fire_12.jpg13) Waverly Inn Suffered a Fire

1231shoshaunoneyearin.jpg14) Shaun Hergatt Left Sho

2012_cory_lane_nyc_12345.jpg 15) Cory Lane Resurfaced at The Cannibal

1232012_l_atelier_union_rumors_12.jpg 16) L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon Closed

2012_kind_soho_1234.jpg 17) King Closed

2012_fatty_Crab_closed_uws_123.jpg 18) Fatty Crab UWS Closed

352012_chateau_cherbuliez_1234.jpg 19) Crossbar Closed and Reopened as Something Even Weirder

12312011_03_petitemaison2.jpeg20) La Petite Maison Closed

2012_gravy_closed_1234.jpg 21) Gravy Closed

2012_dragon_fly_closed_123.jpg22) Dragonfly Closed

1232012_6_blanca.jpg 23) Roberta's Opened Instant-Hit Blanca

1232012_picholine_123.jpg24) Picholine Closed for Renovations and Ran Into Money Problems

1232012_08_tavern-thumb.jpg 25) Philly's Emerald Green Group Nabbed Tavern on the Green Contract

2012_dans_le_noir_shitsho_%21234.jpgDans Le Noir Was Declared a Full-Fledged Shitshow
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