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Red Hook Burlesque Club On Hold For Now

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Will poor Red Hook ever get the world-class burlesque club that the community deserves? It doesn't look like it for now, as the owners of the planned Con Amore Cabaret have withdrawn their liquor license application to open what they promised would be a world-class burlesque and jazz club after community residents stormed a recent liquor license hearing to voice their opposition. And why are they so opposed? Maybe because the Con Amore is replacing the controversial Paris Cabaret and Burlesque club that also promised world-class-but-clean burlesque, but wound up being your average, run of the mill strip club.

Having been burned once, the community now wants to see a real plan to operate the jazz and burlesque joint, including some contacts in the jazz and burlesque world. Sounds fair. Red Hook will just have to be a little more patient.
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Con Amore Cabaret

18 Commerce St., Brooklyn, NY