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Central Park Boathouse Sued Again for Sexual Harassment

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A waitress at the Central Park Boathouse has had enough of the fratty bros. at that restaurant, filing a lawsuit in federal court alleging several counts of sexual harassment. According to the Post, the suit by 39-year-old waitress Marie Agnier details lewd behavior from male workers, the restaurant's bookkeeper, and even owner Dean Poll. Agnier's accusations had previously gone to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which said it was "unable to conclude" any laws had been broken. Now her suit is in court.

Of course, the Central Park Boathouse is no stranger to employee unrest. Last year, six workers sued over sexual harassment claims, and the restaurant spent much of last summer engaged in a labor dispute with the hotel union.
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Central Park Boathouse

E 72nd St. at Park Drive North, New York, NY