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Les Halles Slapped With Lawsuit Over Illegal Tip Pool

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Les Halles is the home base for traveling "chef-at-large" Anthony Bourdain, and also apparently for a bunch of disgruntled employees. The Post reports today that more than 100 workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the brasserie, alleging an illegal tip pool. The suit claims that the employees were paid less than minimum wage and that 26 percent of the tip pool went to managers who hadn't actually assisted in service.

Famous traveling television person Anthony Bourdain is not involved in the day-to-day operations at either the Murray Hill or FiDi locations. He tells the Post: "In my experiences at Les Halles, management was, if anything, unusually scrupulous about these things."
Note. An earlier version of this post indicated that Bourdain was a partner in Les Halles. He is not an owner or a partner.
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Les Halles

15 John St., New York, NY