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Brooklyn Star Whiskey Class; Capri Caffe Name Change

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WILLIAMSBURG ? Next Tuesday, October 2, Brooklyn Kitchen and the Brooklyn Star will host a whiskey pairing class and dinner with spirits from Willett Distilleries and food by Joaquin Baca. Tickets are $75 and include food and booze, obviously. The event will be held at the Brooklyn Star. [EaterWire]

CHELSEA ? From October 19 to 21, the School of Visual Arts will host a conference called "Molecular Gastronomy: the Politics of Taste." The collected researchers and academics will be talking about how tastes are shaped and changed. The three day event costs $75 to attend. [EaterWire]

TRIBECA ? Italian restaurant Capri Caffé has changed its name. It's now Sole di Capri. [Tribeca Citizen]

INSIDE THE G9 ? Eater National is at this year's meeting of the G9, the advisory board of the Basque Culinary Institute chaired by Ferran Adrià. This year's council, which include chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill, just announced plans to publish a book on the history of modern gastronomy. [Eater National]

Brooklyn Kitchen

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