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Shake Shack Now Required to Post Calories in NYC

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Shake Shack is now big enough that the chain is required to post calorie counts at all New York City locations, just like the big fast food restaurants. With the opening of a second Connecticut location last week, the Wall Street Journal reports that Danny Meyer's burger hotness now has 15 total locations, putting it over the big-chain threshold.

While the calorie counts have been available online for months, this change means it'll now be impossible to order a Double SmokeShack without knowing it'll cost you 850 calories?a little bit more than McDonald's Angus with Cheese but significantly less than the 1,230 calorie monstrosity that is a Triple Whopper with Cheese. Meanwhile, the company is retooling the 'Shroom Burger (570 calories) to have more mushroom and less cheese, but CEO Randy Garutti swears they're "not doing that in reaction to anything."

Oh, and a meal with a burger, fries and a shake? The Journal notes that it's awfully close to the number of calories a person is supposed to eat in a day.
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