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Unpaid Rent, Investor Shuffles Delay Picholine Reopening

Terrance Brennan's Michelin-starred restaurant Picholine might be in even more trouble than previously thought. The restaurant, which closed for renovations back in July, was due to reopen tonight for dinner service. But Grub Street got a hold of Brennan, who confirmed that Picholine will not reopen this evening.

Picholine spent about two years on the Eater Deathwatch, finally getting its reprieve this summer, because of the renovations. (At that time, Eater wrote that "Terrance would've just closed the place if it was really on its last leg.") Shortly thereafter, news broke that the restaurant's landlord was demanding $189,000 in unpaid rent. Brennan confirmed to Grubz that the restaurant owes back rent, also noting that his partner in the business is retiring and that the renovations are taking longer than expected. With a new partner lined up and negotiations ongoing with the landlord, Brennan says he hopes to open by the winter holidays, before closing again January 1 to finish the renovations.

When Eater called the restaurant this morning, the line rang and rang and rang, with no answer or message.
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