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Has Eleven Madison Park Nixed the Narration?

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Last night, Kate Krader and Dana Cowin of Food & Wine sampled the new menu at Eleven Madison Park. Both of them filed glowing reports on Twitter of the New York-themed dishes and the overall experience. And when the Amateur Gourmet's Adam Roberts asked Krader about the narrative aspect of the meal that Pete Wells criticized, Krader replied, "Ha! Gone! No spiels about egg creams, clam bakes etc." Does this mean that Humm and Guidara have axed the dish explanations?

Perhaps, although it should be noted that revision is a huge part of their creative process — these guys are always tweaking, nudging, and trying different things out. The Nomad also went through a number of menu and service changes in the first month, some of which were fairly drastic. As the Ulterior Epicure points out in a thread on Mouthfuls, "The folks at Eleven Madison Park ain't stupid, guys."
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