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Stupak on Wine Knowledge; Daniel Berlin at Aquavit

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MIDTOWN ? Chef Daniel Berlin from the restaurants Daniel Berlin and Skåne Tranås in southern Sweden is visiting Aquavit the first week of October. Berlin and Aquavit chef Marcus Jernmark are serving an eight course dinner for $125, or $200 with wine pairings, featuring the cuisine of Sweden's comparatively warm and fertile Skåne region. [EaterWire]

LOWER EAST SIDE ? Taking a break from their growing domination of lower Orchard Street, the guys from The Fat Radish are heading to France. Chef Ben Towill and artistic designer Phil Winser are joining in a week-long pop-up at Bob's Kitchen in Paris. [Bowery Boogie]

WEST VILLAGE ? Grill-centric restaurant Mas (La Grillade) is celebrating their first anniversary on October 1 with half-priced oysters from 6 to 9 p.m. Each order comes with a complimentary glass of wine. [EaterWire]

VINTAGE AMERICA ? Eater National talks to chefs from across the country about the importance of wine knowledge. Says Alex Stupak of Empellon and Empellon Cocina: "It's important unless you have experts helping you along the way. My wine knowledge is actually quite limited, but through my friend Natalie [Tapken] I have the privilege of learning whatever I want." [Eater National]


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