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The Early Word on Laurent Tourondel's LT Burger

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Laurent Tourondel opened the first New York City location of LT Burger last week, in a Bryant Park space that was formerly occupied by a bank and Nikola Tesla's laboratory. The menu offers 12 burgers options, several appetizers, and a large shake and sweets section. Reviews from early diners have been mixed so far but there seems to be a consensus that the prices are steep for the product. Tourondel has two other projects in the works, Arlington Club with the Tao Team and BLT American Brasserie in the Cassa Hotel. See what diners are saying about the first week at LT Burger:

The Disorganized News: One early diner Yelps: "Totally chaotic - numerous empty tables, yet kept us waiting 15 minutes....told by server she 'wasnt allowed' to leave her post and therefore couldnt seat us or any of the other people waiting!" [Yelp]

The Good News: This early diner was impressed with their overall experience: "The Mexican Burger was INCREDIBLE. So was the Caramel Popcorn shake. Finally a great lunch option that's not over the top around here." [Gothamist]

The Less-Than-Kick-Ass News: Another Gothamist commenter had a much different opinion: "I went the other night, and that Smash burger was pretty mediocre... not at all as good as what I remember from BLT Burger. The Wings were even less interesting, with zero "kickass"-ness. Only the Waffle Fries didn't disappoint." [Gothamist]

The Rough Service News: Another Yelper was also disappointed by the service: "That guy behind the cash register. When our orders took a while (around 15 mins?) and I asked to follow it up. He said he had no idea and 'no control whats going on back there...' When I ordered, I asked if I can replace the cheese with something else. Not possible. I'll get charged extra. 'It comes in a package.' I asked if I can take out the cheese. 'Sure thing,' He said. When I opened my burger, it's as if he never heard me. He's right. He has absolutely no control what happens back there. Maybe he should have forwarded me to someone who did." [Yelp]

The Weak Meat/Good Shake News: A Midtown Luncher visited the burger spot and was less than impressed with the meat: "I asked for medium rare and I was told that they cook everything medium, and that's what I got. I found the meat to be tasteless. My Oreo shake was good." [ML]

The Foursquare News: The tips on Foursquare are 50 percent shills, but one tipster apparently liked it enough to make a recommendation: "Best bets: The Standard burger; fried Oreos; Barking Bourbon shake." [Foursquare]

The Mixed News: Reviews from the Twitterverse are mixed. One fan tweeted:"LT Burger in Bryant Park, NYC is a great place to eat. Loved the Tuna Burger with Avocado, the Onion Rings and Orea Milkshake." Meanwhile, another tweeted: "Overpriced for the food. 2.50 for cheese! Skip this place and go directly to black shack at lex/38. Better service and value." [Twitter]
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Arlington Club

1032 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021 212 249 5700

LT Burger

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LT Burger

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