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Shills for Isola, Extra Place, Raymi, Prandial, and More

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

127706472800_2d65fac3ec_b.jpegToday, the intrepid shill detectives on Team Eater find suspicious reviews of Isola Trattoria, Extra Place, Prandial, Chateau Chebuliez, and Raymi. Time to get in there and get dirty:

This gem was culled from quite a few on the Yelp page for Isola Trattoria:

There is nothing about this restaurant that isn't fabulous. First, it is absolutely one of the most beautiful restaurants in NYC. Next, the staff is fantastic. Super warm, friendly, and attentive. Then the food - fantastic. Do not miss the hamaci crudo, the meatballs, or the branzino. The caesar salad was delicious, with an olive-anchovy dressing. The wine list is great, and our server was knowledgeable and dead-on with her recommendations. Can't wait to go back!
Shill Probability: 78 percent

While dredging through more Yelp reviews, Eater found this thinly veiled shill for Extra Place:

Finally! Something fabulous happened in that Alley Way! Amadeus cooks up amazingly delicious dishes, particularly the Octopus and Scallop appetizers. The French Toast Brunch is heaven! This is a winner... and amazingly reasonable for the level of cuisine!
Shill Probability: 85 percent

Here's a suspiciously enthusiastic Urban Spoon review of Flatiron newcomer Prandial:

Prandial aims to please, and please it does. A warm welcome leads to subtle and refreshing cocktails. We tried almost every appetizer, and each one was delicious. The wine fit our meal perfectly. Entrees hit the sweet spot. Desserts had us humming. We stayed much longer than we realized, and are already planning our return to this swank neighborhood gem.
Shill Probability: 90 percent

The persistent shill team for Prandial also posted this review on Yelp:

Thank God!!!! I have been looking for a chill local spot for a while and finally Prandial came along. No matter what my mood is, coming from a long day of work to grab a drink at the bar or having to entertain business guests for a spectacular meal I always find the vibe I'm looking for within this one establishment. The best spot is what I call the "steel room" with steel walls and marble counter tops is the best place to privately enjoy a drink with your friends all the while taking in to the scene of people passing by. On the other front end of the restaurant are gorgeous chesterfield chairs laid out like a private home giving you a sense of warmth and comfort.

I love that the staff is so warm and welcoming and remembers my name as well as my favorite glass of Brander Sauvignon Blanc (ready before I ask). Unfortunately they are not opened for lunch yet but I'll be the first to try it out once they do, I just love it!!! Let me not forget to mention that I booked my companies holiday party in their magnificent private event room... If you can't get what your looking for here then it probably doesn't exist, lol. See you soon Prandial...

Shill Probability: 99 percent

When news broke of Todd English's new French project Chateau Cherbuliez, the reactions were mixed. An anonymous Eater tipster took down the naysayers with this glowing yet defensive review:

My girlfriend and I visited and had the remarkable oysters, fresh with a briny taste of the Puget Sound from which they were gently harvested, and enjoyed a glass of world-class champagne in the elegant, comfortable and welcoming environment. Todd English has hit another home run with this exclusive venue, dripping with class and sophistication. It may inspire jealousy typed in walk-up studio apartments from the Cheetos-staied fingers of among those who can't afford it but I predict this will be an overwhelming success among the sophisticated taste makers in New York City.
Shill Probability: 89 percent

After the opening of Raymi, a new Peruvian restaurant near Madison Square Park, this OpenTable reviewer had so many great things to say he couldn't fit them all in one review:

Posted July 13: Always a special treat for simple, authentic Peruvian food. The signature dish, The Arroz con pato is phenomenal and should not be missed. Great wine at very reasonable prices. In fact the best proposal Chef Richard Sandoval in Manhattan.....
Special Features: vibrant bar scene, fit for foodies, good for groups,neighborhood gem, romantic, hot spot

Posted July 30: The food and the service was superb! I highly recommend it. A Manager Sigi was outstanding.
Special Features: vibrant bar scene, fit for foodies, neighborhood gem,romantic, special occasion, hot spot

Shill Probability: 100 percent

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— Aaron Baer-Harsha


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