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Greenwood Park Bans Children After 4 p.m. for the Fall

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In what can only be considered a bold move, Greenwood Park, the new mega beer garden that has become a popular place for Brooklyn parents to bring their kids for a day of outdoor drinking, has decided to ban children from the premises at 4 p.m., effective immediately. As if the decision to ban children from a beer garden wasn't controversial enough, Greenwood Park owner Diane Vasilakos confirms to the New York Daily News that the new rule was made after teachers whined about having kids in the bar when they arrived after a day of teaching, saying that the teachers simply "don't want to also see them here."

Perhaps this is payback for demanding Brooklyn parents, or as one local parent claims, this is simply the teachers trying to hide how much they drink from the parents.

Parents are up in arms over the new rules, saying that 4 p.m. is way too early to throw them and their children out, and they are hoping that Greenwood Park reconsiders the new curfew. The good news for them is that Vasilakos says the new rules are still being ironed out and nothing is set in stone. But parents throughout the city are now trembling in fear that their own regular beer gardens and bars may ruin their lives by enacting a similar ban. Won't someone think of the parents with children?
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