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Philippe Chow Lawsuit Notes Celebrity Doobie Room

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Thorn in the restaurant industry's side Maimon Kirschenbaum filed a lawsuit yesterday against the owners of Upper East Side celebrity hangout Philippe Chow. The suit alleges that the management mistreated four employees that joined another lawsuit that was filed against the restaurant earlier this year (that one has to do with wage violations). The workers claim that the managers threatened them and cut their hours, making it impossible to work there. And then there's this:

Defendants regularly reserved private seating in the basement of the restaurant for wealthy customers and celebrities such as rappers Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj...Patrons dining in the basement would frequently receive permission from smoke marijuana in the restaurant. Plaintiffs regularly served these customers, which exposed them to smoke from a harmful and illegal substance.
The full complaint against Philippe Chow is below.

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Philippe Chow

33 East 60th St., New York, NY