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Allegretti's Chelsea Project is Now Bistro La Promenade

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Close to a year after it opened, Alain Allegretti's Chelsea restaurant La Promenade Des Anglais is getting an update. Eater learns that Allegretti has rebranded the restaurant as Bistro La Promenade, switching fully to a more traditional French bistro-style menu from its previous, more eclectic incarnation. The menu includes a raw bar and French staples, with a couple of "classics" for around $14 and most entrées running between $25 and $29.

La Promenade was generally well received over its first year, getting two-spots from both Adam Platt and Pete Wells. In an otherwise glowing review, Wells said that the restaurant "fell a little short of paradise" but that Allegretti seemed able to make the necessary corrections, based on the differences between La Promenade and his shuttered first project, Allegretti. This seems to be Allegretti's attempt to make those changes.

Allegretti said in a letter emailed by a rep that the change comes after the restaurant "rotated in simpler French bistro fare," which was so well received that it inspired this rebranding. Between September 17 and 24, the restaurant is offering a sampler of the new menu, with an appetizer, entrée and dessert plus wine pairing, for $45.

Bistro LP Menu 9-13-12-1
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La Promenade des Anglais

461 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 (212) 255-7400

Bistro La Promenade

461 West 23rd St., New York, NY