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The Early Word on Andy Ricker's Pok Pok Phat Thai

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At the end of August, chef Andy Ricker closed his Lower East Side wing stand and quickly reopened it as Pok Pok Phat Thai, a restaurant specializing in noodles. The tiny kitchen serves pad Thai made with ground pork, prawns, and vegetables (no chicken). Although some customers are devastated by the loss of Ricker's signature wings (they're still available at the Brooklyn location), most of the early responders approve of the pork fat-smothered noodles. Here's what people are saying about Pok Pok Phat Thai:

The Good News: One Yelper loves Ricker's take on the dish: "I ordered the Phat Thai Muu Sap, which is pork. Reasonably priced and full of great ingredients like tiny dried shrimp, eggs, chives, and dried beancurd, this was much better than the overly sweet Pad Thai found elsewhere.??As a quick and tasty dinner, I think the changeover to Phat Thai will do just fine and is a lot less guilt inducing than eating fried chicken wings all the time." [Yelp]

The Terrific News: Serious Eats digs Ricker's noodles: "The basic Phat Thai Thamadaa ($8) features soft rice noodles cooked in lard with crisp squares of tofu, egg, preserved radish, and peanuts. The sauce, made with tamarind, fish sauce, preserved radish, and palm sugar, is pale compared to the orangey takeout versions elsewhere around town. It's not just less sweet; the flavor is overall more subtle and developed, allowing all those strong flavors to come through in a controlled way." [SE]

The (Not) Meaty News: A Yelp user wishes there was more substance: "I just went here after they reopened. It is pretty good! I had the pad thai, which had a nice flavor with the tamarind. I guess I just wish there was more meat in it. I would have loved some chicken or steak in it. I guess I just thought authentic pad thai came with chicken and stuff! Oh well. I guess I will go back and try something other than the pad thai." [Yelp]

The Drink News: An Eater commenter approves of the Friday night scene: "Wenth there Friday night. Phat thai is good, but no great shakes. Nice place to hang out after a few drinks." [Eater Comments]

The Great News: A Twitter user is obsessed: "Already craving the Pok Pok Phat Thai noodles I had last night. This is dangerous. Way to close to the apt... #ThaiObsessedAussie" [Twitter]

The Greasy News: Another Yelper isn't pleased: "I ordered the pad thai with shrimp. The noodles were greasy and heavy. I wouldn't go back." [Yelp]

The Crushing News: A Serious Eats commenter is sad about the change: "I tried this last week too. While delicious, i really miss the variety of Pok Pok Wing - I know there were only three things on the menu before, but they were three incredibly different things (and I loved them all). Sigh. As this is two blocks from me, I've taken this change really hard." [Serious Eats]

The Decent Portion News: @williamtigertt comments on the size: "Just pounded half pound of pat Thai at Pok Pok. Need to go lie down now. Portion are huge. Pandanus water is nice touch. [Twitter]

— Ashley Mason
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Pok Pok Phat Thai

137 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002