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The Battle for the H & H Trademark Heats Up

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News broke last month that H & H Bagels would reopen in the Financial District this fall with a new owner named Randy Narod and the original owner Helmer Toro as a consultant. Then Toro came forward and clarified that the men were still in negotiations and no partnership had been confirmed. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Toro has filed a petition claiming that the IRS has unlawfully seized the trademarked name and should be protecting it from the likes of both Narod and Harry Abrams, a man who loaned Toro $12,000 with the H & H trademark up as collateral. Toro reportedly did not repay the loan.

The H & H Trademark will remain in Toro's possession until the title has been sold. Narod's application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is still pending and an attorney for Narod said that even if the application is rejected, Narod could still try to open a store. Regardless, it looks like New Yorkers may have a while to wait before the return of H & H.
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