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Pre-Sales Go Live for Barbecue Pop-Up BrisketTown

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After spending the summer perfecting his Central Texas-style barbecue recipe through a thing called BrisketLab, barbecue superfan Daniel Delaney is launching BrisketTown sometime this fall. Though the location hasn't been nailed down yet?it will be in either North Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan?Delaney opened up pre-sales today. The quantities will be extremely limited each day of the pop-up, so pre-ordering ensures that people will actually get their brisket before that "SOLD OUT" sign goes up.

Right now, Delaney has 2,649 pounds of brisket left for pre-order, meaning that, at $25 per pound, a barbecue-loving high-roller could get all of it for $66,225. Though it would probably be best to stick to the one pound per person per dinner guideline.
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