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Culinary Wunderkind Flynn McGarry to Cook at EMP

Move over Greg Grossman, there's a new culinary wunderkind coming to town. His name is Flynn McGarry. He's 14, he's got freckles, and the kid is unstoppable. McGarry hosts elaborate dinners in his family's house in California, and earlier this year, he cooked a nine-course meal at Playa in Los Angeles. Next week, he's headed to New York to cook alongside Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park for four nights.

Humm and Will Guidara met McGarry at a book signing in California last year. Guidara notes: "He was so passionate about food and wine and was one of the few people that had already cooked from the book...Daniel took a liking to him just based on that enthusiasm.” Of course, McGarry's stint at EMP will just be a stage. But who knows? If Humm and Guidara like his style, maybe they'll incorporate him into the new version of EMP.
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[Photo: Kat Odell/Eater LA]

Eleven Madison Park

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