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Ex-Staffers Accuse Brooklyn Chef of Sexual Harassment

22 former employees of Juventino in Park Slope are accusing chef Juventino Avila of sexual harassment. The ex-staffers are expressing their experiences in a uniquely non-litigious way, starting a website called Juventino Disclosed, which Jezebel announced this morning.

While one of the former servers Jezebel talked to said she was considering legal action, the group generally aims to draw attention to the presence of sexual harassment in restaurants generally, while "enlightening" potential customers of what's going on at Juventino more specifically. Jezebel's report describes several employees' experience, including this one:

Avila called her up to his office and, clearly drunk, asked her to massage his calf because it was cramping. "All of a sudden, he put his arm on my shoulders," she recalled. "I looked at him and shrugged them off. He then put both of his hands on my face and leaned in to try and kiss me." Furious, she tried to leave his office — but then noticed Avila had locked the door. She quit that night.
Avila's girlfriend of 16 years, Rebecca Uberti, actually owns the farm-to-table restaurant, which used to be called Get Fresh Table and Market. Both Avila and Uberti deny the allegations of sexual harassment.
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