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Cuozzo on Tavern 2.0: 'Philly-Flavored Relaunch Stinks'

The Post's Steve Cuozzo isn't too pleased with the city's selection of Philly-based Emerald Green Group to run the new version of Tavern on the Green. The Cuozz paid a visit to the Group's only restaurant, Beau Monde, to see what they were capable of. Turns out, Beau Monde is a crepe shop:

The brunch-around-the-clock joint has a fast-food feel, bathtub-warm red wine and toilets as cold as a freezer aisle. And while Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe claims the owners "have done an outstanding job in Philadelphia," our savvy friend in the City of Brotherly Love describes Beau Monde and its attached L'Etage "nightclub" as "total nonentities on the hospitality scene."
Which of course raises the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Emerald Green guys weren't chosen solely on the merits of their work in Philly.
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