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Shuffleboard Bar Encounters Resistance From CB6

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The owners of the planned 17,000 square foot shuffleboard mecca The Royal Palms went before the local community board last night in Gowanus to get support for their liquor license application. Amazingly, it did not go too well for the Royal Palms team, with a well organized coalition of owners and residents coming out to voice their strong opposition to the opening of the 500 person-capacity shuffleboard bar directly across the street from their homes.

According to on-the-scene reporting from Brooklyn Based, the residents fear sleepless nights, vomiting on their stoops, hipsters rolling joints on their benches, and having their "trees used as urinals". They also believe that their tight knit community will come undone with the arrival of shuffleboard.

The Royal Palms owners have done months of outreach to the opposition and have already promised to close at 2 a.m. instead of 4 a.m, install extra soundproofing, dedicate a portion of the courtyard for smokers to keep them off the street, and hire tons of extra security. They are also willing to delay developing the roof and applying for a liquor license until they have been open for some time to prove they can operate in accordance with their promises.

It all seemed fair, but the board was still going to vote to not recommend the license application. Instead of the no, the Royal Palms owners decided to withdraw the application and continue their outreach to the local community to hopefully get their support before going back to the board again. It looks like our shuffleboard dreams are delayed.
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The Royal Palms

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