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Friedman and Bloomfield Open Stealth Rooftop Taqueria

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Curbed/Dave Hogarty

Late summer shocker: Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield just opened a bar/taqueria on the roof of the brand new Pod 39 hotel on 39th Street. Sam Anderson, formerly of Hotel Delmano, is in charge of the cocktails, and Spotted Pig wine director Carla Rzeszewski is working on the wine.

The unnamed project hosted a few previews earlier this week, but the bar officially opens to the public tonight. Ken explains:

April and I are creating a bar with tacos in the Pod on 39th Street. The kitchen's not finished yet, but the bar is open on the roof. The food is probably four weeks out, but soon we'll have salsa and chips, pork rinds, and things like that.

Friedman also notes that when the kitchen's up and running, the menu will include a handful of "April Bloomfield-style" tacos, made with things like pig ears and sweetbreads, as well as another list of more traditional tacos, made by a star taco-maker whose name he can't reveal just yet.

The bar is serving some snacks right now, but expect the full food menu to roll out in a few weeks. Friedman explains that the owners of the hotel are also his partners at Locanda Verde. They approached him and asked if he wanted to do something on the roof, and he was intrigued by the view, the location, and opportunity to do something in a casual setting.

The Pod 39 Rooftop Bar
145 East 39th St., Murray Hill
Opening Tonight

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The Pod 39 Hotel

145 East 39th St., New York, NY