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Last-Minute Date Starters


Feeling hot? It's the heat. Cool off with some good old fashioned lovin' and join Eater Dating. Then take your man or lady on one of these Eater-approved adventures.

How about we...

...load up on beer and greasy snacks at Dale Talde's new spot, Pork Slope, (above).

...test the strength of our hearts and sample every coffee shop between Berry & Wythe, beginning with the brand new Pudge Knuckels.

...splurge for the six-course meal at Jeffrey's, if only for the artsy fartsy entertainment from NYC music group, CDZA.

...Snag tickets to Superburger, hop a train to Montauk, and get ready to eat our weight in meat.

...put on our Saturday best and sample iconic NYC cocktail, The Southside, at "21" Club.

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