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Red Hook's Paris Burlesque Plans to Ditch the Strippers

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Sad news for lovers of topless dancing in Red Hook, as the controversial Paris Burlesque Club may ditch the topless dancers and actually become a real cabaret club featuring burlesque dancers. The Brooklyn Paper reports that Cynthia Thomas-Dicks, a Department of Education employee, has filed papers to rename the controversial jiggle joint Con Amore Cabaret and plans to eliminate the dancing ladies and replace them with jazz, improv and burlesque. Maybe something is getting lost in translation here, but isn't burlesque mostly dancing ladies?

Anyway, the community has hated the club since it originally opened, correctly predicting that the Paris would be a strip club despite the owner's protests that it would be a classy adult establishment. Now Thomas Dicks said that despite not making any changes to the club's interior or removing the infamous stripper poles, her new business plan means "we're giving back to the community." At least someone is thinking of the children!
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Paris Burlesque Club

18 Commerce St., Brooklyn, NY

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