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Kewl New Signage Goes Up at Guy's American Kitchen

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It's really happening, people: Guy Fieri just tweeted a picture of the signage going up at his new Times Square behemoth, Guy's American Kitchen and Bar. The Culinary Gremlin also recently shared a photo of the construction crew gettin 'er done. Apparently, all of the workers must wear Fieri-branded apparel while they're laying cement, cutting plywood, and plugging in the restaurant's many, many neon signs.

Over the last few weeks, Eater has heard a lot of (unconfirmed) rumors about this place. Here's what you can expect:

· Napkins designed by Ed Hardy
· A private dining room that's constantly on fire
· $3-kourse lunch prix fixe (Restaurant Week)
· Nacho cheese waterslide
· Rawk shrimp
· Bartenders wearing backwards sunglasses

· Complimentary bleach in the bathroom
· A $27 chicken entrée (comes with choice of side)

· Bottomless shredded lettuce
· Surprisingly hot servers
· Summer rolls

The restaurant will seat 500 Kulinary Gangstas and Gangstettes. Guy's American Kitchen and Bar will be unleashed upon New York City next month.

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[Photo: Twitter, Twitter]

Guy's American Kitchen and Bar

220 West 44th St., New York, NY

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