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The Early Word on Dale Talde's New Bar, Pork Slope

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Pork Slope opened its Roadhouse-inspired doors last week, introducing the people of Park Slope to porky melts, luscious chili con carne, and hot fried chicken. Although many visitors give chef Dale Talde and partners Dave Massoni and John Bush serious respect for their unassuming munchies and even more affordable booze selection, some mention that the concept is too cheeky for their tastes. Here's what people are saying about Pork Slope:

The Good News: An Eater commenter digs the new bar: "Really fun place, went with a bunch of friends last night to check it out. The food (considering it's really a bar, not a restaurant) is as delicious as some of those incredible little hole in the wall kinda joints you'd find in the South. The pool table area is great, never can have too many options for pool." [Eater Comments]

The Ritual News: A Foursquare user offers direction: "Drink whiskey, eat pork. Repeat." [Foursquare]

The Atmosphere News: Blog The Strong Buzz sets the scene: "The setting feels very honky tonk, decorated with antiques and kitschy memorabilia discovered in basements, flea markets and atticsthat have been collected by the crew over the years. In similar fashion to TALDE and Thistle Hill Tavern, David and John have salvaged an oak wood fireplace mantle from an early 20th century mansion to create the back bar." [The Strong Buzz]

The "A Few Hiccups" News: An Eater commenter says their system could use some work: "Went on Saturday and this place is a ton of fun. They put a lot of work into this and pretty much got the "roadhouse" concept down. Really solid food- had the brisket sandwich- and $3 cans of Modelo are always nice. Got REALLY crowded really quick, though, and it took a while to order the food because the system's not down 100% yet, but it's a pretty welcome addition. I'll be back to play some pool and try the porky melt." [Eater Comments]

The Food News: Blog Here's Park Slope is wowed by the food: "The beer selection is top-notch, running the gamut from Belgians to high-end domestics to decidedly lower-end domestics. The food is what will really make this place stand out from the pack, though: while on the surface the offerings of classic bar food may appear to be nothing out of the ordinary (and could easily just be microwaved at other bars), they're prepared with the same care and eye for details that Talde's come to be known for at his eponymous restaurant on Seventh. Crunchy fried chicken and sriracha-kicked wings are joined by pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, and something called the porky melt. There's country ham on a biscuit and racks of St. Louis ribs. Want pulled pork, brisket, or bacon on top of anything? You got it." [Here's Park Slope]

The Booze News: One Yelper praises the drink selection: "But this simplicity defies the smarts of the owners. They've designed it to seem easy but upon closer examination, it's pretty dynamic. I didn't count the taps, but there's a shitload on the ready. Likewise, the booze selection is floor to ceiling. Food-wise, 10 out of their 15 mains are under $10. They've also redefined the cost for a decent burger in Park Slope and where to find great fried chicken without bulletproof glass in Brooklyn." [Yelp]

The Whiskey News: Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn loves the whiskey specials: "Pork Slope is the ideal place to order a PBR. They also have one hundred brands of whiskey and many, many brands of beer on tap. Last night they had a special on shots of Four Roses Whiskey. You get the picture. It's the kind of place you want to order a whiskey." [Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn]

The Affordable News: An Eater commenter raves: "went opening night and had an absolutely blast. left full and drunk on about 40 bucks. so happy to have another new bar in the area, although there are now so many to choose from. I count 10 new bars in park slope/gowanus opening in the last 6 months." [Eater Comments]

The Gluttony News: A Twitter user admires the bars excess: "Best new Brooklyn restaurant name: Pork Slope, a gluttonous mecca of dive bar food and top shelf bourbon." [Twitter]

The Line News: Blackbook Mag gives the run down on ordering: "Now, here's the smart part: they don't take any more orders than the kitchen can handle at one time. So while you might have to wait in line for a little while to put in your order - and waiting in line consists of standing by the bar, watching the game, and sipping your suds - once you do put it in, it's really happening. The wheels are in motion, and your food is on the way." [Blackbook Mag]

The Sports News: On Facebook, a commenter gets his game face on: "Finally a proper Redskins bar worthy of a discerning southerner. Great eats & drinks. $5 for a PBR and a shot of Four Roses! Look for me with the RGIII jersey on Sundays." [Facebook]

— Ashley Mason
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Pork Slope

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