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Gael Greene Teams Up With Glam Media's

Earlier this year, legendary food critic Gael Greene was dropped by Crain's. Two years before that, she was axed by New York. But Gael always bounces back. Today, Forbes reports that Ms. Greene will be working with, a food-focused social networking site that Glam Media launched last February.

The critic will be part of a board of advisors, and she will also contribute writing from time to time. She notes: "I've been a blogger for a while now in my very small way...So I've sort of learned a few of the tricks, and I think my exposure on Foodie by can only be good for followers." Greene will also start contributing to Manhattan magazine this fall, and she's going to continue reviewing restaurants on her blog.

Gael suffered a terrible loss last week: her partner of 25 years, Steven Richter, passed away. Since then, she's been actively writing and tweeting about the loss of the "Road Food Warrior," as he was known in her reviews. Now you can find her writing on a shiny new Tumblr.
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