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Jay-Z Sues 40/40 Club Chef For $1.5 Million

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Jay-Z is not happy with the revamped food program at his glitzy Flatiron sports bar the 40/40 Club. The Post learns that the club filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against former chef Mike Shand. The court papers note that he "failed to perform on significant aspects" of an agreement that the he had with the club owners to improve the food at the club. The suit claims that 40/40 Club lost profits and "good will" as a result of the chef's work. Shand's lawyer notes that "it is unclear why 40/40 would contemplate a lawsuit against him."

It's also unclear why Jay-Z and his partners are suing the chef for so much money. How much were they paying Shand in the first place? Does he actually have $1.5 million in his bank account? Does Jay really need the money? Usually restaurant lawsuits like this involve wealthy celebrity chefs who bail on their responsibilities. Maybe there's more to this story than just a flaky chef making bad food at a place where people don't even care about the menu?
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40/40 Club

6 West 25th. Street, New York, NY

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