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Michael Bao Drops Details on Bao, His 'Last' NYC Project

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After announcing the shutter of the First Avenue BaoBQ location, the irrepressible Michael Bao gives more details on the new West Village restaurant that he hinted at last week. Gael Greene learns that Bao is opening a "modern-classic" restaurant called?wait for it?Bao at 26 Greenwich Ave (That's the former location of the recently shuttered Lafayette French Pastry.)

Perhaps even more notably, Bao also tells Greene that he's sold off almost all of his holdings, only hanging onto the Baoguette locations owned by his wife (Greene doesn't specify which locations Thao Nguyen owns) and the BaoBQ on MacDougal. The backer in this new project is apparently a "big shot" from Vietnam.

With a menu featuring dishes like his daikon duck hash and crispy red snapper, along with newer items like a foie gras fried rice, Bao is touting this new restaurant as his most ambitious yet, though he also claims it will be his last restaurant opening in New York City. He plans to open it by Fashion Week in just a couple of weeks and insists he'll be heading back to Vietnam at some point in the future.

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26 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY