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Does New York Nightlife Need D.C.'s Svetlana Legetic?

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Washington D.C.'s normally staid nightlife scene is never compared to the Nightlife Capital of the World that is New York City. But the capital's leading nightlife producer Svetlana Legetic is out to prove that she and her company Brightest Young Things can teach New Yorkers a thing or two about nightlife. The 6', Serbian-born Legetic was throwing parties part time while pursuing a career in architecture, but quickly made her hobby her career. She's made a name for herself and her company by throwing events in D.C.'s forgotten landmarks with amazing things like photo booths and Top Chef contestants that become cool even though they aren't very exclusive.

But having conquered the Capital, Legetic now has her sights set on New York City. She wants to to bring her Brightest Young Things webzine and democratic events up north in September, with plans to ditch the traditional model of crafting exclusivity that is the bread and butter of New York nightlife. But is there really room for Legetic and her super fab events in place that already has lots of established party planners and has already gone through its photo booth phase? Legetic tells the New York Times that the move is scary but a necessity, saying "we’re bumping into the walls of how far we can go in D.C. It’s a tiny place, so we need to try.”
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